The well-being of your workers is directly linked to the success of your business, affecting such key areas as productivity, efficiency, turnover and workplace safety. Halcyon offers programs to help your employees address personal and work-related problems before they become disruptions.

From anxiety, depression and trauma to marital issues, grief and substance abuse, our licensed behavioral health clinicians are specially trained to assess the full spectrum of personal and work-related issues. We create a custom intervention plan based on each employee’s unique condition, lifestyle and risk profile, and make referrals for appropriate help within our global network of behavioral health specialists. We do this during the initial call to ensure the fastest possible start toward wellness.

In addition to assessment and referral, Halcyon’s Employee Assistance Program includes:

  • Workplace trauma counseling
  • Corporate training
  • Management consultation
  • Secure video, web & telephone access to licensed behavioral health clinicians
  • Assistance with dependent care, legal/financial consultation, etc.
  • Web-based tools & resources

Respond to employee problems before they become workplace problems.

Halcyon’s Employee Assistance Program helps you deal with employees’ personal and work-related problems in a meaningful way, preventing them from escalating into disruptive situations. Our unique program includes:

  • Clinical intake & assessment: Every call into our program is answered by a licensed behavioral health clinician, who conducts a detailed assessment of the issues and severity.
  • Short-term counseling: Through our global network of behavioral health practitioners, we provide face-to-face counseling to help employees resolve their personal and work-related problems.
  • eConnectTM: Our eConnect service uses secure video, web chat and telephone technology to connect employees with licensed DCC-accredited behavioral health clinicians.
  • Work-life benefits: We offer guidance and referral to help employees with a wide range of needs, from legal and financial consultation to recovering from identity theft and more.
  • Web-based services: Halcyon offers your employees a variety of search engines, articles, tip sheets, training modules, audio instruction, financial calculators, self-assessment tests and other online resources.
  • On site services: We will bring our expertise into your workplace to provide worksite training and critical event response services, helping make your team more proficient and your business more productive.
  • Management consultation: When your supervisors find themselves in a difficult workplace situation, our experienced management consultants can provide them with expert, confidential guidance & support.