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here you can get familiar with our full suite of services aimed at total employee wellness. And just as important, you’ll discover what makes Halcyon different from every other employee benefits provider out there: the incredibly flexible, client-focused approach to service only possible from a nimble, driven company like ours. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll deliver. No drama. No excuses. Because “we can’t do that” isn’t in our vocabulary.

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Employee Assistance Programs and Mental Health & Substance Abuse benefit administration delivered with:

  • Relentless client service
  • Meaningful patient treatment
  • Refreshing transparency & accountability
  • Custom-tailored services for each client
  • Physical, financial & mental well-being in mind
  • Unbeatable efficiency & affordability


Each of our health educators has a Master’s degree, 10 years’ experience, and certifications. Halcyon is the industry leader in health coaching.


Our turnaround for routine cases is an astonishing 12 hours vs. the industry standard of 48 hours. For urgent cases, we cut that turnaround down to just 6 hours.


According to a 2010 study of outpatient MHSA claims from 5 organizations, the addition of an EAP reduced claims spend by over 30% year-over-year.

Being well is different than being healthy.

At Halcyon, we understand that having a healthy body is just one dimension of a person’s well-being. Optimal health requires a perfect balance of physical, financial and mental well-being – exactly what we aim to achieve through our integrated suite of employee assistance and wellness services.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Anxiety. Depression. Family issues. Stress. Substance abuse. These are just a few of the types of problems that commonly affect employees in the modern workforce. With Halcyon’s Employee Assistance Program, you’ll be able to help these employees before such issues impact your workplace.

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Health & Wellness

Our commitment to your employees’ health & wellness goes far beyond what you might expect from a benefits provider. Take our Core plan, for example – a turnkey program that can serve as the foundation of a truly effective employee wellness program.

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Approximately 88% of all cases are resolved within the framework of the EAP.


Every Halcyon EAP Case Manager has a graduate degree in behavioral health, is licensed with an average of 15 years of EAP and behavioral health experience.


That’s what we see when we treat a patient. Not a case number. Not a disease. Our EAP philosophy is simple: “Treat the person, not the condition.”